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Miniature landscape (best when enlarged)

Miniature landscapeNot quite winter, not spring yet either. This time of year is always a difficult time to find interesting subjects, and the macro-lens is my best friend in these days. Mostly in spring I am out at night hoping for some luck with amphibians, but this time I was out during daylight. I was inspired by the ‘top view’-post of Marijn Heuts image of february 27th. I am a fan of odd vantage points, and I liked the top view idea for a macro image. I am also often intrigued by photo’s that make the scale hard to get.

Most of the morning I was wrestling the tripod at making extreme close-ups of cup-lichen (Cladonia moss) using the most magnification I could find in my bag. Having worked the subject I found myself staring down, being surprised by the shadows cast by other moss.

Combining several ideas in this image I have tried to capture a miniature landscape as if from the sky. Using my not so macro 24-70 lens I decided to take the image from the top. I did not clean up the scene, but left some clues as to the scale. I think this makes the scene just real enough without detracting from the scalability (or lack thereof) of the photo.

Nikon D200, 24-70/2.8@24, f10, 1/100s, ISO200, handheld.


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