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Explosion of purple and green

Marsh GentianThis morning I went out to try my best at getting some marsh gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe, klokjesgentiaan) in the picture. I set out to get the early morning swirly combination of purple and green with some added dew droplets. Well there was dew, and yes it did look good, but I did not get it quite the way I wanted. Despite using whatever I could find in my goodies bag (extension tubes, macro lens, teleconvertors) it was a bit so so. Being wet and all I stood there drying myself in the morning sun.

Looking down I found two marsh gentians cosy together. This proved to be a good find. Working my way with the subject I found a great composition, not focussing on the usual stems, or the tops of the leafs. Rather, I put the sharp bit on some small droplets of dew that were visible on the edge of the flowers. Doing so made the shape of the flower stand out. Combined with the lush green mos. Wow the purple was now embedded in a sea of radiating green. It doesn’t really show the plant anymore, instead it just shows an explosion of colour.

Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm/2.8, f13, 1/30s, ISO800, extension tubes, tripod


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