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On the receiving end

Aviodrome - Maeryn cameragenicMost of the time I am behind the camera, trying to get everything on it the way I would like it to be. Of course that is what this site is about. Well, recently I (and my son Maeryn) were on the receiving end of some camera’s. While on holiday near the Veluwe National Park, we (my wife Sharon, our son Maeryn, daughter Jules and myself) went for a day-trip to the airplane museum “Aviodrome”. I had been there a long, long time ago, when I was a kid myself. So it was a nice to be back again and let my own son experience this collection of old airplanes. Having more than his share of in-flight experience he completely enjoyed having a look outside the airplanes, and actually taking place in the cockpit. You can image the unpleasant surprise when we were interviewed by national radio and learned that the park had gone bankrupt! Next came several camera crews from national television and several photographers for national and local news papers. I don’t know what we had written on the back of our head, but one way or another, they all found our way to us. Well, not being camera shy, Maeryn just played on, actually acting in front the camera. Although the reason was not so positive, it was quite an experience for him, and we got to buy next day’s newspaper as a reminder date-stamped. Well, the picture here was my version of the publicity. How often does your kid get interviewed (or video-taped) for national television?

Krant - Maeryn en WouterHave a look at the National Broadcast from SBS6 Hart van Nederland – Evening Program featuring Aviodrome story. Click on the thumbnail for the article in the Volkskrant.


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