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An hour full of golden hues

An hour of golden huesAs described in the previous post, on januari 14th 2012 I was in luck for a great sunset lasting over an hour.

While the previous post was all about using my newly aqcuired ND500 filter eating up 9 stops, in this post I wanted to display one image from one of the timelapse series (roughly 450 images in all) illustrating the beautiful golden hues that iluminated the skies before and after sunset. I had set up the slider so that the camera could move low over the surface of the water creating a strong 3D effect for the time-lapse. While I picked this image, truth be told, each and every image of the series was a pleasure to see while back at home.

Can you image these colors just refusing to dwindle? Just gorgeous!

Nikon D700 24-70/2.8, ISO 400, f22, 1/30s, Slider


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