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Long sunset

After sunsetThis evening I went out to try my luck at the ongoing project: getting a time-lapse of the sun setting on the heathland close to home. While I was doubtful when leaving home I cannot put it in any other way than that I hit the jackpot. While normally some color would be expected, rarely does it last for over an hour. This time was a special occasion. Really over an hour of gorgeous blues, yellows, gold and orange colored skies drowning in the purple hues marking the end of the sky parade of color.

The resulting image (the top one) is one that fits well with the longevity of the sunset. Just after finishing the time-lapse with the slider (I hope to be able to post some images of the TL, or the video itself soon) the colors were still abundant. Having recently purchased a 9 stop ND filter (Lightcraft Workshop ND500 MC HRC) I decided to try something different: max out on the exposure time. I set the camera to f11, added the filter and guessed my way to a exposure time of 11 and a half minutes (yes, minutes). The guess was a bit off. I tried to take into account the dwindling daylight but ended up missing almost one full stop. Well a bit pp in Lightroom combined with the very good image sensor on the D700 made relatively short work of this lack of light.

Sunset over heathland fenIt is almost as if everything gets blended together that changes over time in just one shot, especially when compared to a more standard image (left image). The clouds obviously move, but the color also fade into each other with more and more blues being added towards the sun, and the water gets smoother than it actually is. All in all I like the effect very much.

Top: Nikon D700, ISO400, 16-35 VR/4, f11, 11,5 minutes, tripod, ND500 (9 stop)

Bottom: Nikon D700, ISO400, 16-35 VR/4, f11, 2s, tripod


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