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Sticky Stuff

Closeup kleine zonnedauwThese little plants have been a long lost subject to me. Years ago, when I did not yet have a macro lens, I had been trying to get the most magnification out of a tele-lens a loupe and a duc-taped inverter ring attached to a 50mm lens. That had been fun, but the quality of the image was not all that well.

This evening I set out to use the sunset. Walking around a local fen I found the wateredge to be filled with patches of sundew (kleine zonnedauw). They were glistening in the setting sun. Although it was still a bit early (for a sunset coloured sky that is), I started to use the backlight emphasising their sticky stuff. It gave a pleasing result. It also proved good not to wait. Moments after I had got a first series of shots a big raincloud covered the sun removing much of what made the sundew so nice.

Nikon D700, Tamron 90/2.8 macro lens


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