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Blooming Heather

DSC0062It is getting near autumn and heather is turning purple. Not only that but the weather is currently providing a good many beautiful cloud cover between which the sun can throw down it’s ray on the face of the earth. A lovely sight of course, but also one very challenging to capture in all its dynamic form in the field.

The picture with this post captures all the beauty I had seen, but it did not come in the form of a RAW file. In the field I had already used a double graduated grey filter, but still this proved not enough to temper the sun sufficiently. After doing my magic with Lightroom I got what I had seen, and liked it very much. It has all the dynamics of colour, sun-rays, sweeping clouds and contrast of a backlit landscape while retaining detail in the mid-tones.

It was a good show this morning, and I was happy to be in a spot where I knew the place well. I have shot many early morning pictures here and the place still does not fail to deliver.

Nikon D3100, ISO 200, 16-24f4 VR, f16, 1/30s, gradual grey, tripod


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