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Wild Cup-Lichen

Cup-LichenSince you can get close to cup-lichen very easily, and they tend not to be moved by the wind, they make for an ideal type of macro subject. Doing something creative with them is quite something else, and sometimes others have good ideas (thanks Dik Hermes) like trying to create the feeling of spying on the cup-lichen as if they were some type of wildlife!

After some time searching I found just the group of cup-lichen to make this work. Making sure the lines of two groups of cup lichen, and grass in front crossed made for an interesting composition. I also wanted to make sure to include the blue sky. Adding the sky, I think, gives the color contras setting of the cup-lichen and adds variation to the usual earth background for this type of subject. To keep out the hard sunlight from the cup-lichen I used a foldable diffuser.

Nikon D200, 90/2.8, f10 1/15s, ISO200, extension tubes, foldable diffusor.

Urban Bat

Urban batThis little fellow I found when commuting on bike to work. Most other bikers were completely unaware of this little bat hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel above their heads, and it seemed like the bat didn’t care either. Using my compact camera I took this picture with some effort. Having parked my bike as a bit of insurance that people would notice me I used al my length to reach the ceiling of the tunnel. Making sure the bat was viewed from the front and those on bike from behind it created the atmosphere of mutual ignorance that struck me. Again it shows that with a little attention to our urban environment we can surely see nature finding it’s place there as well.

Canon IXUS 50, 5.8mm, f2.8

Over the Moon

Natterjack toad - Over the MoonSlechts af en toe krijgt een avond een onverwachte wending. Met de hoop op een vochtige avond op pad gegaan naar rugstreeppadden. Het bleek echter droog met de maan laag aan de hemel. Een uitgelezen kans om de rugstreeppad nu eens fraai in zijn nachtelijke omgeving te plaatsen. De camera in  het zand ingegraven en met een groothoeklens erop kon ik zowel de rugstreeppad als de maan in beeld krijgen. Geluk? Een beetje, maar vooral blij met het resultaat.

Only so often do you get hte chance to do something you haven’t been able to do yet. May 7th was such a day. Having set out for a hopefully wet night with an abundance of activity from the Natterjack Toad, it turned out to be dry, with a moonlit sky. Using a wideangle I was able to just fit the moon in together with a Natterjack Toad in its nighly landscape. Unexpected, but somewhat ‘over the moon’ with this opportunity.

Nikon D200, Nikon 24-70/2.8 AFS, Flash, hole in the sand

From the ground up

From the Ground UpDit beeld zat al een tijd in mijn gedachten. Ik wilde de kijker het gevoel geven tussen de bloemen te liggen en omhoog te kijken. Op 30 april lukte het om dit te verwezenlijken. Het bleek makkelijk dan gedacht. Met een 10mm lens geprefocussed en de camera op de juiste plek koud op de grond, was het een kwestie van afdrukken met de afstandsbediening.

This image had been in my mind for a while now. I wanted to give the viewer the feeling of lying in between a sea of flowers, looking up to the tips of the trees and into the sky. On the last day of this years april I did get the shot, and it proved easier than I thought. Using a 10mm lens, prefocussing the lens, and then lying it with a bit of guessing in the right spot and finally tripping the shutter resulted in the image you can see here as april’s pick of the month.

Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20, iso 200, remote shutter