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Blooming Heather

It is getting near autumn and heather is turning purple. Not only that but the weather is currently providing a good many beautiful cloud cover between which the sun can throw down it’s ray on the face of the earth. A lovely sight of course, but also one very challenging to capture in all its […]

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Each at their own pace

After about 20 years (really, no kidding) I have been able to match the ingredients to capture the perseïds! It all started when still in highschool with Paul van Hoof. We were trying all different things we could think of that would work with a camera. Photographing the lightspectrum of specific elements, different types of lighting, […]

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Side by side

In the previous post I used the closeup to show the sundew in detail. I thought it would equally nice to have a feeling for their size as well. For a feeling on the size of the sundew (kleine zonnedauw) size, have a look at the ‘environment’ photo. Next to the sphagnum they look quite […]

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Sticky Stuff

These little plants have been a long lost subject to me. Years ago, when I did not yet have a macro lens, I had been trying to get the most magnification out of a tele-lens a loupe and a duc-taped inverter ring attached to a 50mm lens. That had been fun, but the quality of […]

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From dusk till dawn around -20 C

After a very mild winter the temperature finally dropped in the Netherlands. And it dropped like a brick! What’s more is that just before a great part of europe became a deepfreezer, snow was falling as well. If there is ever a great combination to my liking it is a snowy landscape, clear skies with added […]

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