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An hour full of golden hues

As described in the previous post, on januari 14th 2012 I was in luck for a great sunset lasting over an hour. While the previous post was all about using my newly aqcuired ND500 filter eating up 9 stops, in this post I wanted to display one image from one of the timelapse series (roughly 450 images […]

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Long sunset

This evening I went out to try my luck at the ongoing project: getting a time-lapse of the sun setting on the heathland close to home. While I was doubtful when leaving home I cannot put it in any other way than that I hit the jackpot. While normally some color would be expected, rarely […]

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Moon playing hide and seek

It has been quite a while, years for sure, that I had been trying to capture a lunar eclipse (partial or whole) on film. Well, december 10th 2011 was such a day, and an interesting at that. In the Netherlands we would not see totality, that much was sure, but what would we see, if […]

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On the receiving end

Most of the time I am behind the camera, trying to get everything on it the way I would like it to be. Of course that is what this site is about. Well, recently I (and my son Maeryn) were on the receiving end of some camera’s. While on holiday near the Veluwe National Park, we […]

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Explosion of purple and green

This morning I went out to try my best at getting some marsh gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe, klokjesgentiaan) in the picture. I set out to get the early morning swirly combination of purple and green with some added dew droplets. Well there was dew, and yes it did look good, but I did not get it […]

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