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Dandelion of old

One of the topics I had wanted to get into this spring was dandelions (Taraxacum officinale, paardenbloem). Often when on my bike getting to work I saw these common flowers glistening in the early morning. Mornings came, mornings went. With our daughter almost entering our lives I however never came to get out. So rather […]

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Miniature landscape (best when enlarged)

Not quite winter, not spring yet either. This time of year is always a difficult time to find interesting subjects, and the macro-lens is my best friend in these days. Mostly in spring I am out at night hoping for some luck with amphibians, but this time I was out during daylight. I was inspired […]

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Wide FX again!

It was a pleasure after too long, back to FX and the accompanying anti-crop feeling. Having used the DX format for years I still was not really happy with the cropping, on wide-angle shots that is. For telephoto sure it works a treat, but for anything a bit wide I felt ‘forced’ to use too […]

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Gold, Cold, Morning!

Wow, that was a good morning. For the last weeks I had been biking to work seeing all the gorgeousness that comes with this season. The cold nights and relatively high temperatures during day breeds morning fog and dew. Lovely mornings in the making. Getting up early (yawn) I wanted to beat the sun to […]

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Wild Cup-Lichen

Since you can get close to cup-lichen very easily, and they tend not to be moved by the wind, they make for an ideal type of macro subject. Doing something creative with them is quite something else, and sometimes others have good ideas (thanks Dik Hermes) like trying to create the feeling of spying on the cup-lichen […]

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